About Us

About Us

We are a dedicated group of medical professionals specializing in providing services to the Motion Picture Industry. We don’t do concerts, sporting events, weddings or bar mitzvahs, WE ONLY DO SET MEDICINE!!!

With over 20 years of working on Sets we also understand that Set Medicine is not typically traumatic or exciting. We understand that the real job of a Set Medic is to keep your crews safe and healthy so that they may provide you with their best work while on the clock. This can only be done by developing relationships with personnel, asking and knowing when they need something and taking care of their needs when they are too busy to care for themselves.

We are the premier Set Medical Provider in Washington State! We don’t want to conquer the world, we just want your business here in the great Pacific Northwest! By focusing on our local community, we can provide experienced Set Medics that know the industry and community. We will not give you a inexperienced EMT with a nice clean uniform. We believe that experience and knowledge of the industry is what sets us apart from the rest.

No project to small or too large. We are the only group that can provide for large projects here in Washington. We have the resources to provide for a small commercial set or for numerous locations simultaneously.


All of our providers are Firefighter EMT's and Paramedics with decades of experience working on the streets of Washington State. Unlike many providers in this industry we are prepared and experienced to deal with even the worst of all possibilities. It is what we do.


  • 20+ years experience providing medical services to Sets
  • 20+ years experience in Firefighting and Rescue
  • 20+ years experience in Paramedicine
  • 15+ years experience in Technical Rescue
  • 10+ years experience in Swift Water Rescue
  • 20+ years experience in Building Construction, Fire Safety, and OSHA guidelines